ServiceTrade allows jobs to be created with a due by date and then scheduled later. 

Jobs created via "Add Job" (location page, scheduler, or dispatch board) are not automatically scheduled. Jobs will only be automatically scheduled if a service on the job has a preferred tech or if the job has a preferred time.

In this tutorial you will learn how to filter for the appointments you want to see, navigate the scheduling page, and use the map-based scheduler to plan smarter routes for your technicians. 


How do I schedule tech time off, or how do I block off time so that a tech cannot be scheduled?

  • We recommend creating a company and location that is "Time Away/Vacation Office", so it is easily identified. Next you will want to create an ongoing job for a reasonable time period (say, a month). You can then schedule a tech for appointments M-F, using the Service Line: "Time Off," to represent a week off, etc. 

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