The ServiceTrade mobile app is designed to function offline to some degree.

The ServiceTrade Tablet View requires an internet connection.

Due to the possibility of technicians working in poor signal or no signal areas, you may wish to consider utilizing the below practices as part of your mobile strategy:

  1. Be prepared to utilize free Wi-Fi if available onsite. Seek the option to utilize locations' private Wi-Fi if acceptable to your company's management to do so, is allowed by any MDM (mobile device management that controls company-owned device, and if the location is willing to provide access and password to you.)
  2. If you see the circular arrows icon appear on the screen, this means that a piece of data is currently unable to upload to ServiceTrade because of poor reception. Don't worry, these will automatically sync once you return to an area with good service. If this doesn't appear to happen on it's own, you may need to pull down on the Job page with your finger to manually start the syncing process. 
  3. If you know you're about to enter an area with poor service, it may be beneficial to generate your paperwork beforehand if. However, keep in mind that the paperwork won't reflect any edits made in the field after it is generated.
  4. Carry a "downtime kit" - a few blank copies of common forms (inspection, generic work order, etc). This captured info could be keyed back into the job in ServiceTrade later, as advised by the office. Forms can also be snapped/scanned by the mobile app when you return to an area with the usable reception later in the day.
  5. Have a designated contact or contacts in the office for situations where calls may be possible, but the data connection is non-existent or too poor. Call using cell or alternative (location landline phone, etc, if allowed). Office contact or another ServiceTrade desktop user may be able to provide enough information to facilitate job completion.
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