Changing the price of an item by a tech in the field is quick and easy. The following steps will show you how to edit the price of added item on a Work Acknowledgement.

1. When a tech is in the field and they've completed their job, they can 'Create Work Acknowledgement' in the Actions tab.

2. On work acknowledgement will be service and\or job items. (You can add job items as needed).

3. Below the Large blue 'Add part, labor, or item' button you'll see a switch called, 'Generate an Invoice for the Job?'. Slide that to 'Yes'.

4. Once this is turned on, you will see the job items and pricing info for those items. For this example you'll see a item priced as $90.

5. Touch the blue arrow to the right of the price. This will bring you to an item screen. On this screen the price field is editable. In this example, we changed the item price to $95. Touch Save.

6. Once edited, this will change the price of the item which will show on the invoice.

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