Service Reviews allow you to collect and display happy customer reviews and use them as marketing impressions to drive and convert web traffic.  Click here for more information about what Service Reviews can do for you. The remainder of the article below covers setup:


  • ServiceTrade account must be on the ServiceTrade Premium or Enterprise plan.
  • Service Reviews is a per-tech add-on, and must be obtained via your account manager.
  • If you have an independent subscription to NearbyNow, we are not able to connect ServiceTrade to it.  Please contact your account manager for next steps.

1 - Setup NearbyNow backend

Service Reviews is partially powered by NearbyNow.  You will need to contact ServiceTrade Support to add your company to our NearbyNow Agency.    

Please include:

  • Name of company and primary contact/admin
  • A full list of users and their emails that you would like to enable reviews for
  • A list of managers and their emails that you would like in the review system 
  • If you already have a NearbyNow account and are migrating to ServiceTrade, let us know this as well. 

ServiceTrade Support will reply when the backend is setup, including where to go to retrieve plug-ins and API keys.

 2 - Connect your ServiceTrade account to our NearbyNow agency 

  • As an admin user - go to ServiceTrade account settings. Add new Integration. System name can be service_reviews and human readable name can be Service Reviews.
  • Paste the API token from the NearbyNow Portal into the appropriate field in ServiceTrade. 
  • Once connected, you can select which techs are set up for reviews (see below).
  • NOTE: at least one user must have replied to the NearbyNow new user email or this step will fail.  
  • For any email address you use in NearbyNow, it must correspond with only one user in ServiceTrade. 
  • Emails must be identical in NearbyNow and ServiceTrade, or the user will not see the ability to request a Service Review from the Work Acknowlegement.

3 - Get familiar with the NearbyNow Portal:

Service Reviews are partially powered by NearbyNow. The NearbyNow admin portal is available at, and is used separately from ServiceTrade to perform the following functions:

  • add or remove users
  • generate backend reports
  • retrieve API keys and offer web developer resources

Adding office users:

Be sure to add any office users / managers / developers as Admins in NearbyNow. This may be accomplished by clicking the "Make Admin" button next to their name on the team page.

Adding technicians:

Technicians must be invited to NearbyNow from within the NearbyNow admin portal. They must verify their email to complete the setup process. They must have a unique email that matches their ServiceTrade email. Check their user information in ServiceTrade if there is any doubt as to which email address is in use.

4 - Getting technicians ready

5 - Get your website ready.

6 - Technical support:

For Service Review subscribers, ServiceTrade support will:

  • assist in setup of Service Reviews
  • help to add new users
  • answer general information
  • be a first contact for any and all support incidents or questions.
  • escalate deeper technical issues to the appropriate resource, and facilitate solution.

All technical support requests for Service Reviews should be directed to

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