Release Appointments from Job Page

If your company releases appointments to your technicians manually, instead of automatically releasing them immediately as they are scheduled, you typically release those appointments from the dispatch board. With this release, you can now release appointments from the job page as well. Only appointments that have been released will be visible to technicians on their mobile and tablet applications.

Appointments that have been released will have a green dot indicator, just as they do on the dispatch board.

Unreleased appointments will have a grey dot indicator.

To release (or unrelease) an appointment from the job page, click the Actions menu for the appointment you want to release, then click Release Appointment (or Unrelease Appointment).

For more information about releasing appointments, and for adjusting whether newly created appointments are released by default, see this article.

More Regions Capabilities

You can use regions in ServiceTrade to organize your customers geographically. Two new features now make use of regions: Contracts and the map-based Scheduler.

If you have prices based on geographical area -- for instance, you might have higher prices in urban city centers, or in outlying areas -- you can now set up pricing contracts for regions. To set up a region's contract, choose the region you want in the "All Locations Belonging to Region" dropdown. This contract will be available for any jobs performed at locations in the region you selected.

To schedule and organize your work by region, you can also now use regions in the Scheduler. On the Filter Jobs screen, choose "Limit By Regions", then choose the regions whose jobs should appear on the map. Only regions for the offices you selected at the top of the Filter Jobs screen will appear in the Limit By Regions section.

For more information about regions, please review this video.

Tech Scorecard Includes Revenue Calculation

The technician scorecard report now includes a revenue column, so you can easily see how much revenue your technicians generated in a given time period.

All invoiced revenue for jobs completed in the timeframe you select will be included in the revenue column. For jobs on which more than one technician performed work, the invoiced revenue for that job is distributed evenly among all techs for that job. For instance, if three technicians worked together on a job for which the invoice total was $900, each of the three technicians would be allocated $300.

More information about the tech scorecard is available here.

Company Contacts When Sending Quotes and Service Links

You can now use company contacts when sending quotes and Service Links to your customers. For any quote or job whose customer has some company-level contacts, the "Company Contacts" section will appear in the Send screen.

Also, sending a Service Link to any contact (location or company) is now recorded in the job's History list.

Notification Scope

Many of ServiceTrade's built-in email notifications can now be limited to the scope that is appropriate for your use. For instance, you can now receive notifications about inoperable deficiencies at all locations, or only locations belonging to your office. For records that have owners (such as jobs), you can also choose to receive some notifications for "only my jobs", and you will only receive notifications about records to which you are currently assigned.

Export Location Contacts

You can now export a list of all your location contacts, which makes it easy to import your customer contact list into an email campaign tool such as MailChimp. To export your contact list, go to Customers -> Locations and choose "Export Locations and Contacts" from the "Export to Spreadsheet" menu.

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