Job Item Costing and Gross Margins

You can now use ServiceTrade to track the costs of all the items that you use when you perform jobs. In conjunction with invoicing in ServiceTrade, this will let you see and manage the gross margin for any job that you perform.

To use job costing and gross margin, simply enter the unit cost of the items that you use on each job:

Then, when you create your invoice, you will see the gross margin for that invoice's total revenue, compared to the total costs of all your job items:

Add you change, add, or remove, the items on your invoice, the gross margin will be adjusted in real time.

Job item costing is available to all users who have the "View and Edit Job Item Costs" permission. You can add a standard cost to any item in your item list, and that standard cost will be prefilled whenever you use that item.

More information about job item costs and gross margins is available in this article.

Make Changes to Submitted Quotes

Using our new quote page, you can now make changes to quotes that you've already submitted to your customers. To make changes to a submitted quote, click the orange "Make Changes" button in the customer response section.

If you like, you can enter an explanation of the changes that you intend to make (your customer will see this explanation).

IMPORTANT: Your customer will not be able to see the changes that you've made to the quote until you resubmit it to them by clicking "Send to Customer" again.

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