We recommend an extension for Google's Chrome browser which will allow you to easily download all the pictures associated with a job to your computer. Once they are in your downloads folders, you can quickly upload the necessary photos to ServiceNet for labeling. To get the extension set up, follow the directions below:

1. Download and install Chrome if you haven't already: https://www.google.com/chrome

2. Download this Chrome extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/click-and-save/dbkmjjclgbiooljcegcddagnddjedmed

3. Once the extension is installed, click the extension icon in the upper right corner and set the following fields:
- "Save Picture" should be set to "OFF"
- "is Found in webpage URL" should have https://app.servicetrade.com entered into the field

4. Close out of Chrome completely to ensure your settings are saved.

Now, all you have to do to download all of the images on a job is use the "Download All Images" option found here:

All the pictures on the specific job page will download directly into your "Downloads" folder. Now that all the pictures are in a single location on your computer, you can use the drag and drop uploader in ServiceNet to upload your pictures.

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