General Quote Improvements

  • You can now search for quotes, by quote number, in the global search box.
  • When printing quotes, we now show you information on the printable page, indicating whether the quote has already been approved by the customer.

Example: Unapproved quote "print view" -- page bottom.

Example: Approved quote "print view" -- page bottom.

Quote API Improvements

  • General improvements surrounding what can be done with quotes via our API
  • See this link to view our updated Quote API documentation: ServiceTrade API - Quotes
  • API support/documentation for adding and editing quote items
  • See this link to view the API updates to Quote Items: ServiceTrade API - Quote Items

Help Menu Simplification

When you click on Help, anywhere in the ServiceTrade Web App, there is no longer a "Help submenu". Instead, clicking Help will take you directly to ServiceTrade's Help Center.

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