New Recipients of Work Acknowledgements are Automatically Saved as Location Contacts

Now, whenever technicians in the field add new recipient email addresses on Work Acknowledgements, these new recipients are automatically added to that Location's contacts list.

A few additional notes on the above...

  • A contact is considered "new" if the email address of the Work Acknowledgement's recipient is not already an existing email address for any contact on that Location.
  • Email address matching is the only criteria for determining whether the Work Acknowledgement should add a new contact, or not. If the email address already exists for any of that Location's contacts, then it won't be added.
  • Contacts created in this way are assigned a Contact Type of "On-Site".
  • As of this release, existing contacts aren't updated or modified in any way...

Import/Export Improvements

Quote Exports:

  • Quote exports now include a Repair Job # column, which will list the Job # for all approved quotes that have been turned into jobs (non-canceled job only).
  • The "first viewed on date" for quotes is also now a new column included in quote exports. This shows the first date/time a customer viewed the quote through the "Send to Customer" link that you sent them.

Exporting Quotes & Services:

  • Exporting quotes & services now includes a "deficiency found on" column, which lists the job number that deficiencies were found on, for quotes whose services were derived from a deficiency found on that job.

CSV Import Tools Use Common Date Format:

  • All CSV import tools now have a common date format of mm/dd/yyyy (for increased consistency, as well as supporting built-in date formats for a wider range of spreadsheet apps).

Other General Improvements

  • Item auto-completer on quote, invoice, job, and tablet work acknowledgment pages are much faster if you have a large set of items.
  • The dispatch board now loads much faster if you have multiple offices -- thanks to a deceptively simple, yet subtly clever code change by Vaughn, one of our developers.
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