You can now create a customized copy of the default "Account Tech" role -- and remove the permission or "activity" to View, List and Search Other Techs' Jobs -- that is enabled by default.

Here are setup instructions on how to configure this custom role in your account and assign it to technicians.

Step 1 - Hover over My Account in the main menu, and click Roles in the sub-menu.

Step 2 - Click the Account Tech role in your list of roles (shown in the red box).

Step 3 - From the default "Account Tech" page, click Copy Role (again shown in the red box below).

Step 4 - Watch the video below for how to remove the "Activity" to View, List and Search Other Techs' Jobs from this copied role, and assign it to technicians. Notes/comments on the video are below...

Video Notes and Comments:

  • The above video begins on the setup page, for the Copy of Account Tech role, which is the page you will be directed to immediately after clicking Copy Role in Step 3 above.
  • If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can click the Revoke button on the last entry, which will revoke the ability for technicians to view jobs that they aren't directly assigned to.
  • After revoking this Activity, we recommend customizing the Role Name and Description, so that it is easier to keep track of among your available roles.
  • Once this Activity is revoked, and your new custom role is renamed -- click Save to save this new role.
  • The above video shows how to immediately go and make this "role swap" for techs in your account.
  • Be sure that you remove any old Account Tech roles that still have the Activity to "View Other Techs' Jobs" -- in addition to assigning your newly created role

Search the Invoice List by Technician

The above title and image pretty much sum this up. There is now a searchable field in the Invoice List where you can search by a Technician. This can be used for better filtering to track invoices by tech, both pre- and post-export.

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