Job History Shows when a Service Link Recipient has viewed the Service Link Page

In the Job Page History tab, you can now see when a Service Link recipient has clicked the link and viewed the Service Link page. Note: This doesn't (currently) log a history of sent Service Links -- just the ones that have been opened and viewed by customers.

Quote Assignees are the Designated Quote Contact in Quote Emails

When creating a quote, if you choose to select a designated "Assign To" person within your company -- this person will now appear as the point-of-contact in the quote email your customer receives.

The chosen "Assign To" person will show up in the quote email as shown below (underlined in red).

Customers Now Receive a Followup Email when they Approve a Quote

When a customer approves a quote, they will receive a followup email -- which will look similar to the following:

User-facing Quote Tweaks of Interest

Old and/or invalid services, created on locations from unapproved quotes, will no longer appear on those location pages. Basically, any services generated from quotes on a customer's location page that you wouldn't want to be there...will simply no longer be there. No action required! We just wanted to let you know.

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