Beautified Email Templates

New, more visually appealing email templates are here! The emails you send your customers via ServiceTrade -- for Quotes, Service Links, & Work Acknowledgements -- are now much, much prettier.

Quote email template (example below) shows the new style that is consistent across all email types, the only difference is in the content.

Service Link Logo / Branding Improvements

Your company logo & contact information are now displayed in a dynamically responsive, standalone window that scales nicely to any screen size. We also made your logo appear slightly larger.

The same Service Link as above -- shown as it would appear on a smartphone screen.

QuickBooks Online & Desktop -- Phone Number & Emails Sync for New Customers

When you create a new customer in ServiceTrade, if the company (or location) doesn't already exist, we send relevant phone numbers and email addresses along with everything else in the creation of this new QuickBooks record. Note: the information that passes into QuickBooks (and where it goes) is determined by your QuickBooks mapping preferences in ServiceTrade's account settings.

Office-specific Contract Rules

Contract rules now allow for pricing contracts to be applied to entire offices.

Bug fixes and Other Updates

Fixed: Bug in service opportunities when delaying month-long services

Fixed: Bug for work acknowledgement showing the wrong clock-in time for a multi-appointment job

Fixed: Bug for asset date/time field updates using dates near 1970

Fixed: Dashboard shouldn't show void/canceled services -- so now it doesn't.

Fixed: Deficiency attachments should always be copied to quotes -- deficiency attachments now transfer to quotes no matter how many deficiencies are on a single quote.

In Service Reviews, the service description is no longer required -- but we still recommend it!

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