Quote Tagging

You can now add tags to quotes & search the quotes list by tag.

Quote Approval Requires Customer Name/Email Confirmation

When a customer receives a quote via email, if they click Approve, they now have to verify their name and email address. This way, if your quote is forwarded to someone else for approval, you can have a record of who, ultimately, approved your quote.

Account Level Default Settings for QuickBooks Item Taxation

In Account Settings (accessible by clicking your user-icon at the top right) > Integrations > click the green Configure QuickBooks: 'Company Name' button. Towards the bottom of this configuration page, you will see the following...

Note the two choices and their different descriptions:

ServiceTrade Invoice Determines Application of Sales Tax to Individual Items

QuickBooks Sales Tax Rules Determine Application of Sales Tax to Individual Items

Additional Noteworthy Features/Improvements:

  • Inoperable deficiency email notifications now include a link in the email that will take the user straight to the deficiency.
  • We've increased the maximum file upload size from 50MB to 100MB (for better video upload support on mobile apps).
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