On the Blank Paperwork page (go to My Account -> Blank Paperwork), we have added the option to create Office-specific Blank Paperwork rules.

  • Click Add Paperwork Rule, on the Blank Paperwork page, to bring up the box shown below. Creating a rule with a specified office allows you to create rules that apply blank paperwork to all locations that fall under the given office.

We no longer show all applicable blank paperwork thumbnails on the Job page, instead these attachments can be revealed by clicking the link (as shown below).


  • In Service Opportunities (bulk-job creator), you can now filter by Regions. 
  • Note: This is only applicable if you have Regions configured in your account.
  • Not familiar with Regions? Click this link for a 2-minute video on how to set them up: Regions Video Tutorial
  • When an email fails to send from ServiceTrade (emails for Quotes, Work Acknowledgements, Service Link, etc.), the sending user is notified via email notification at their listed ServiceTrade email address.
  • "Job Type" is now shown as a new column in the Deficiencies export.
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