You can now send a customizable Service Link to your customers, directly from the Job page. Service Link emails a link to a job summary page, which contains comprehensive job information & documentation. Currently, Service Links can only be sent one at a time, from the job page.

To use this feature, click

from the menu under 'Act on this Job' (right-side of the Job page).

Currently, you can only send the link to people in your contacts list... If you'd like to add a contact, first add a new contact on the job page, then click 'Send Service Link' again, and the new contact will be in the list. Support for sending to "one-time" recipients is coming soon!

The video below covers some basics of configuring and sending the Service Link. We encourage you to experiment with this feature yourself, as nothing will be submitted until you click 'Send'.

Note: You can also click 

at the top of the page to open a full-screen preview of what the customer will see when you send the Service Link. This preview page will dynamically respond to visibility changes made from the Send Service Link page (page shown in video).

Additional New Features:

You can now search deficiencies by 'Reporter' (i.e. reporting technician) & 'Reporting Company' (if found on a job that was subcontracted).

The Dispatch Board now shows City & State under each appointment.

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