The contract application is built by specifying the rule (or rules) that apply to entries in a list of standard items. Items may be given a set price per unit or markup rules can be established to assign price based on cost.

Editing Contract Rules

Item Rules

The most basic contract rule is a “per each” price. This involves applying a set price for any item in your item list. When an invoice or quote is built that includes the specified line item, the set price will be applied to that item.

Additionally, you may choose to specify a cost markup rule for individual items in your item list. Clicking on the box labeled ‘per each’ will allow you to select this option.

Note: Per each and cost markup rules will always override contract-wide markup rules.

Contract Rules

Minimum Charge

Every invoice generated with this contract will total at least this minimum amount.

Administrative Charge

An additional administrative charge line item of this amount will be added to each invoice generated with this contract. 

Cost Markup

 Cost markup allows you to modify the markup of groups of items according to cost. Items with a cost less than or equal to the amount within the first field will be marked up by a percentage indicated in the second.

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