ServiceTrade offers a master item list, useful for common items used on quotes, jobs, and invoices.

A ServiceTrade item stores item information such as description, service line, taxability, etc.  Items in ServiceTrade do not have prices.  Pricing is applied at time of quoting or invoicing, based on relevant contracts.

We cover contracts in depth in the Contracts section of the Help Center.

Service Contracts, which you can access by going to Customers >  Service Contracts, is where ServiceTrade stores your (potentially) multiple item pricing contracts.

Whenever you add an item to a quote or an invoice, we look for two things:

  • Is there a company-specific contract that should tell us how much to charge for these items?

  • If not, are there default contracts available? 

Default contracts are able to be manually selected when building a quote or invoice. Company contracts apply automatically. 

Every ServiceTrade account starts with one default contract, which we refer to as "Standard Pricing".

Standard Pricing may be edited in one of two ways:

  1. One-at-a-time. Go to Customers -> Service Contracts.  Find your standard pricing Contract. Click edit Prices.  If the contract already contains a specific Item you wish to change, you can edit it by clicking the pencil icon next to the Item. 

     2. If you wish to update all prices within the contract by a certain percentage,                     expand the Contract Rules section. Here you will be able to create a minimum               charge for the contract. Or to create markup percentages based on the Item                 Cost within your Items List.

  1. Bulk update. Go to Customers -> Bulk Import.  See "Items and Prices".  Note the instructions for mass-updating item prices are built into ServiceTrade.  Note that you can update either the standard pricing of an item or its pricing in a particular contract by adding a contract_id.  To retrieve a contract_id, visit the page for the contract details, and note the id number in the URL bar (shown below).  Note, you may only update one item price per contract, per row of your import file.  If you need to update pricing across 5 contracts, you would need to have 5 rows with that item_code, each row having a different contract_id.  

Our complete guide on contracts is here.

Updated 11/11/2019

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