ServiceTrade makes it easy for you to send jobs to your subcontractors so they can use the mobile app to clock in/out, report deficiencies, and give you overall better reporting on the work they're doing for you. In order to use ServiceTrade for subcontracting work, there are a few pre-requisites:


  1. Your subcontractor either already have a ServiceTrade account, or must sign up for a ServiceTrade account at They will be able to complete any (entitled) job you give them for free, but if they want to use ServiceTrade for their own work, they'll have to pay for licenses.

  2. Create your subcontractor as a vendor inside of your ServiceTrade account, then invite them to receive jobs from you. This process is covered in full here.


  1. To subcontract a job, you must create the job from a Location page. You cannot create subcontracted jobs from the Service Opportunities report or the Dispatch Board.  You can subcontract a job after it has already been created, but be warned that ALL open appointments will be canceled.

  2. Go to a Location page.

  3. Click "Add a Job".

  4. Choose your subcontractor from the "Choose a Vendor" drop down box.

  5. Fill in all the other job details as appropriate.

  6. Click "Create Job" and the job will appear in the subcontractor's account as an unscheduled, unassigned job. They can then assign technicians, schedule the work, and complete it using the mobile app.

Primary Contractor: Responsibilities and Capabilities:

  1. Set due date for job*

  2. Report deficiencies

  3. Add paperwork and attachments

  4. Add comments

  5. Add job items

  6. Add new services

  7. Mark job as complete

  8. Invoice job

  9. Cancel job

NOTE: * You cannot adjust the due date after job is created or change services on scheduled or completed jobs*

** The service cannot be scheduled by the contractor. If there is a time/date scheduled, it will revert to unscheduled. However, the contractor can set the due date.**

Subcontractor: Responsibilities and Capabilities:

  1. Schedule and assign to technician

  2. Use mobile and tablet applications

  3. Clock in/out

  4. Report deficiencies

  5. Add paperwork and attachments

  6. Add comments

  7. Add job items

  8. Edit the subcontracted service*

  9. Add new services*

  10. Invoice job after marked complete

  11. Edit existing services

  12. Add Appointments

*Services edited or added by subcontractor are not shared back to the contractor.*


  1. Due date (only on initial sync)

  2. Clock in/out events 

  3. Deficiencies 

  4. Attachments (Job Paperwork, Documentation and Audio Memos, and attached Job Invoices)*

  5. Public comments - for both the location and the job

  6. Job items

  7. Services and their status (estimated price is not visible to the subcontractor)

  8. Location name, address, phone number

  9. Company name, address, phone number

  10. Asset information - we only share assets that have a service line which matches the service line of a service on the job.  To see the relationship between assets and their service lines, check your asset list.**

*Attached job invoices refers to manually attached PDF files, not to invoices that were generated by ServiceTrade.*  

**In ServiceTrade Admin (desktop), assets are displayed on the job ONLY if there is a directly associated service on that job. You may wish to check the location page to see all assets on a location.  Techs have the option to see "all assets for this location" or just "assets for this job" when working in the field.** 


  1. Invoices generated by ServiceTrade

  2. Contacts (for company or location)

  3. Private comments

  4. Assets that do not have a service line match with services on the job

  5. Estimated Prices on Services


  • Search the job list using the vendor field, plus any other fields you wish (such as date range). 


  • Subcontracted jobs appear as unscheduled jobs, just like any other job you just created.

  • You can search the jobs list by the vendor to find all jobs subcontracted to you by the primary contractor.

  • You get an email when jobs are subcontracted to you (check your profile for notifications preferences). 


  1. Click the "My Account" option from the Navigation Bar at the top of your screen, and then select "Vendors."

  2. Use the search filters to locate the desired subcontractor, then click on the subcontractor's name.

  3. Click the red "Deactivate" button located in the Action Menu on the right hand side of your screen.


I don't see a job that was shared to me.  

  • It typically takes several minutes to share or to receive a job, though at peak times can take longer.

If I am the primary contractor, can I schedule a subcontracted job?  

  • No. Scheduling and assigning the work is left up to the subcontractor.  The job will have a due date that you control, however.

Am I able to put one of my techs and a subcontractor on the same job appointment?

  • No.  A ServiceTrade job is either delivered in full by the sub or by you.  In these cases, you would need to make two jobs, keeping one for the work that you would do, and subcontracting the other.

Why do some vendors have a check mark beside the vendor name?

  • The check mark indicates that the vendor has all of the active service lines that are on the job being subbed.

Subs not seeing a Job? Click link here:

Last Updated 09/04/2020

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