If you share work with another company, you can link your ServiceTrade account with theirs (assuming they already have one). If you want to share work with a sub-contractor, but they don't already have a ServiceTrade account -- they can sign up and create one for free. 

The following steps detail the procedure that an inviter, any user with a ServiceTrade account, can follow to invite another company -- to "link" ServiceTrade accounts.

To begin, you need to add the company you are inviting to your Vendors list.

To do this, go to: My Account > Vendors (in the sub-menu, under My Account) > then click Create Vendor.

From here, continue by entering the Vendor Company's information, and selecting applicable Service Lines that they will be performing (or you will be performing).

Once you have completed filling out the information for your Vendor Company, click Save at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to your newly created Vendor Company's page, where you can simply click the blue Invite Company button. Upon clicking, you will receive the prompt box, displayed below.

In the prompt box, enter the email address of your contact (who ideally you have discussed this with first) at the other company. They will receive an email similar to the one shown below.

As you can see in the email above, there are 3 links in this email. Link #1 is for recipients of your invitation who do not currently have a ServiceTrade account. They can click on this link to setup a free ServiceTrade account, which will allow them to receive work from a primary contractor (free for them as long as they are completing sub-contracted work from a paid ServiceTrade subscriber who has job entitlements).

Link #2 is for recipients who already have a ServiceTrade account, but they just aren't linked to your account yet...

Link #3 is just a link to ServiceTrade's main website (for informational purposes on the recipient's end).

For this article's sake, we will assume that the recipient is already setup with a ServiceTrade account, so they click Link #2, and proceed to connect with Fire Protection, Inc.

When the recipient of your invitation to link accounts accepts your email invitation, they will be taken to the following page (after logging into their ServiceTrade account).

From here, if your invitee is ready to accept your invitation, all they have to do is click the green Connect with... button.

And that's all there is to it! Once they accept your invitation, you can begin sharing individual jobs back and forth between accounts.

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