ServiceTrade provides several non-editable standard roles.  Roles are sets of permissions that control what a user can do in ServiceTrade.  Roles usually correspond loosely with a job title or role within a company, such as "scheduler" or "manager".

There are often cases where you may wish to create custom roles.  This powerful feature of ServiceTrade is covered in the brief video below:

To create a custom role:

1. Hover your cursor over My Account in the main menu bar, then click Roles.

2. Click Create Role.

3. In the Role Name field, type a short, memorable description of what this role will entail.

4. In the Description field, type a more detailed description of the role's permissions.

5. Click Save.

6. Now you can grant Activities, to your custom role. From the activities list, you can choose to grant your role as many, or as few permissions as you'd like.

7. When finished granting activities to our custom role (or revoking undesired activities), click Save.

8. You can go back and add or remove Activities to your custom roles at any time. You can also see which users are currently granted this particular role.

9. To grant this new, custom role to users in your account, hover your cursor over My Account in the main menu bar, then click Users in the submenu.

10. Click the username of the user(s) to whom you'd like to grant this new role.

11. Choose the Role Name of your custom role from the drop down menu under the 'Roles' bar, then click Assign Role.

12. Clicking Assign Role automatically saves the role you have just edited. You can now continue to create new custom roles and/or continue to assign your new role to additional users.

Note:   When creating new Technician users, they will automatically be assigned the most recent Role containing the activity “Perform Job as a Tech”. Your custom created Role, being the newest in the account, will be the default role assigned to all newly created Technicians.

To delete a custom role:

1. You must be an admin user or have the "manage roles" activity.

2. The role cannot be assigned to anyone, not even an inactive user. In the edit role page, you may view all users currently assigned that role.

3. When both above conditions are met, a red delete button is available on the edit role page.

Where can I see a list of all activities?

  • Check out the "Account Admin" role.  It has all activities and describes what each one does.

Why can't I edit a role?

  • You are probably trying to edit one of our standard roles, such as "Account Admin" or "Account Scheduler".  These cannot be edited.  You can copy them into a new role however, then edit the new role as you wish. 

Last Updated: 02/03/2020

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