ServiceTrade currently offers rich exports of most of your data.  These exports are .csv files, which may be opened in Excel, LibreOffice, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, or similar software.  They may also be printed once opened in a spreadsheet program. Printing exports/reports directly from ServiceTrade is not supported.

Exports are generally found wherever you can search. Below we cover which exports are available and where. On each given search page, you will want to, in most cases, you will want to first search to narrow down what you are looking for, then choose "Export to Spreadsheet".

Data Type:

Jobs Page

  • Jobs
  • Clock events
  • Jobs with items listed
  • Jobs with services listed

Quotes Page

  • Quotes
  • Quotes with services





  • locations
  • locations with recurring services
  • locations with assets

Contracts (customer specific pricing lists)



Google Calendar Export

Export scheduled jobs for a given tech here

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