For most users, the ServiceTrade mobile app is not a significant data hog. In fact, one of our biggest customers sees about 1GB per month per tablet, on average. (This is all data for the tablet, not just ServiceTrade.)

If you see higher cellular data usage than expected and would like to check or to mitigate, the below steps will help:

1. Check cellular usage by app.

  • Click here for iOS instructions. Note: iOS does not reset the data counter automatically, but you can use the "Reset Statistics" button at the bottom of the screen Apple is referring to. This will restart the counter.
  • On Android, go to Settings -> Data Usage to see usage by the app for the current period. You can see the guilty apps here and even set a cellular data limit.

2. If ServiceTrade is to blame for high data usage:

  • Review recent jobs and process. Are techs taking too many photos or a good amount?
  • You can select "Upload photos only when on Wi-Fi" in the ServiceTrade mobile app. This will dramatically reduce data usage, as the remainder of ServiceTrade data sent to/from the mobile app is minimal.
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