Offices may be created in ServiceTrade to allow for physical or logical divisions within your company.

Each office has its own:

  • physical address (even if it is the same)
  • email
  • phone number / main line
  • service lines, which will propagate to a new tech if created under that office.

Because quotes, invoices, Service Links, and more draw from your company's office info, it is important to keep each office's address, phone numbers, and primary email up to date.

Whenever possible, use an office main line phone # and a group or team-managed email such as "".


If you have multiple physical locations, or multiple logical divisions within your company, you may wish to add offices.  Offices may have their own logos and contact info. This is especially useful if you own or operate under multiple brands.  

1. To add an office click this link: My Company.

2. Open the grey bar labeled "Office Locations".

3. Click the "Add Office" button.

4. Fill out the Name (required), Address (required), phone and email address of the office. 

5. If needed choose the Servicelines that can be performed out of that office. 

6. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". 

7. Repeat these steps for each office in your company. 

To review and edit office info:

1. Head to My Company.

2. Open the grey bar labeled "Office Locations".

3. Click any office name to view the office details.

4. Click "Edit Office" to change these details.

The updates made here will propagate to any customer-facing live-generated pages, such as Service Link. The body within an email which has already been seen cannot be updated.

After you have multiple offices set up, you may edit your users' default offices. This change will show visually on the Dispatch Board.

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