New Features

  • Notification for techs that alerts them to changes to today's schedule

Feature Improvements

  • All service items now editable
  • Job usability improvements
  • Scheduler displays multiple techs per appointments
  • Additional company information sent to QuickBooks when creating new company
  • Service line included in pin pop-ups on scheduler

Bugs Fixed:

  • Incorrect services displaying in scheduler flyouts
  • Dragging and dropping unassigned appointments in day view causes pins to freeze
  • appointment status incorrectly updates
  • Dragging appointment to a tech from the week view causes error
  • "Schedule Technician" in "Add a Job" view visual error
  • Scheduler job flyout shows canceled/deleted services
  • First location contact is not primary contact by default
  • Changing only appointment duration does not log in job history correctly
  • Whitescreen or broken dashboard with large set of jobs
  • Adding a new user, office not populated with a default
  • Whitescreen when creating job from incomplete services
  • Location list search matches too many results
  • Job history shows incorrect user as having taken action
  • Unscheduled appointment does not disappear when last service is removed from it
  • Unscheduled appointment does not disappear when a new appointment is added
  • Cannot mark job as complete
  • Cannot create a clock-out event without a corresponding clock-in
  • History shows tech unassigned from appointment when it never happened
  • Job page: hand-entered appointment dates are mangled
  • Updating service status does not update across duplicated on other appointments
  • Add appointment fails if the date is in 2012
  • Add a deficiency modal visually broken on job page
  • Assigning multiple techs on job page unassigned all
  • Job status does not update immediately to scheduled when an appointment is created
  • Invoicing and using a single zero digit does not work
  • Select multiple days link broken in Safari in add new appointment dialog box
  • Deleted services still appear in add appointment modal
  • Service opportunity shows incorrect job count
  • Service opportunity does not display when loading
  • Error when assigning techs to jobs created via service opportunity report
  • Inactive locations appear on service opportunity page
  • appointment list on job page incorrectly sorted
  • scheduler assigning incorrect tech sometimes

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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