Service lines are a powerful way to search and filter data by trade or type of work.
If, for example, you manage a Sprinkler team within a company that offers an array of services, then you wish to filter jobs and scheduling pages by service line, enabling you to focus only the type of work you and your team do.

The following objects have service lines:

  • Locations

  • Services

  • Items

  • Assets

  • Techs

Techs can have more than one service line.  Services, Items, and Assets are associated with only one service line.

If there is a Service Line that you want to use but do not see:

1. First check My Account -> Edit, to see if it is simply disabled.  You must be an Admin to do this.

2. There is not a way to create new service lines within your account. However, ServiceTrade support can create them. If you have looked over all available service lines and feel that there is room to add, please send us an email -

Please include:

  • Proposed new service line name and basic definition.

  • Proposed abbreviation.

  • Overall category it would belong to, if applicable.

Because service lines are global and affect all users, we cannot approve all proposed service lines. We will consider each submission in full though, and update you as we process them.

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