Feature Improvement:

  • Automatically schedule recurring services by setting start time (1.5 min video)
  • Assign contract to single location
  • Delete company record
  • Invoice creation speed improved
  • External ID's for locations
  • Converting from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online simplified

Bugs Fixed:

  • Work Acknowledgement - multiple invoices created for accounts with big contracts
  • Work Acknowledgement needs better signaling that contract is being applied
  • Contract with too many rules crashes view contract page (and can't be used to generate invoices)
  • Filter company autocompleter pulls inactive companies
  • Interface for adding new service to job is broken
  • Location export with recurring services should include interval
  • Recurring services don't update correctly on edit
  • Tablet appointment view fails for unscheduled appointment
  • Adding a job on the dispatch board doesn't attach service to job
  • Quickbooks desktop integration: no accounts listed on ServiceTrade QB setup screen
  • Location view page won't load for some locations
  • Work acknowledgement thumbnails are all "JSON" generic thumbnail
  • Account techs see the "Add Office" button
  • keyboard input doesn't work for new recurring service dropdown selectors
  • Can't add whole month services for Nov 2015
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