New Features:

  • Times in system will follow time zone and day light savings time standards
  • Jobs can be synced from DunnWell's ServiceNet
  • Enter invoice number and grand total instead of creating invoice
  • Technician web login only sees jobs assigned to technician
  • Print cover sheets for all jobs displayed on daily scheduled widget on dashboard
  • Clocking in On-Site for a job without an appointment creates an appointment

Feature Improvements:

  • Improvements to ServiceNet job syncing
  • "Service Requests" are now called "Services"
  • Services display on location page
  • "Export to CSV" changed to "Export to Spreadsheet"
  • Update to "Recent Clock Event" display on dashboard

Bugs Fixed:

  • ServiceTrade login page kicks IE9 into compatibility mode (which messes up display on subsequent pages)
  • Manage invoice page display overlap in IE9
  • Cannot Change "Type" Dropdown when Image Upload Fails in the Upload Files Modal
  • Array to String Conversion Error on Assets on Job page
  • Firefox visual bug on manage invoice page
  • Usernames with spaces are allowed
  • Building level asset not included in location importer
  • Appointment add modal validation failure leaves modal in unusable state
  • Location importer doesn't set company "customer" flag
  • Synced locations sometimes get wrong companies
  • In scheduler, pins disappear in FireFox
  • Inaccurate shares of Locations at malls and other shared addresses
  • Location job list incorrectly includes canceled appointments when showing scheduled for date
  • Can't un-assign tech on job
  • Zip code weirdness with standard addresses

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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