New Features:

  • New End User License Agreement.
  • Job summary sheet can be printed from job page
  • Dismissible link to quick start guide from dashboard
  • Possible to remove service request from a job

Feature Improvements:

  • Company phone number added to printed invoice
  • Creating a new job from an old job via copy job option or create job from unfinished work option
  • Possible to assign a tech to a job without scheduling an appointment in the scheduler

Bugs Fixed:

  • Jobs displaying in scheduler outside of specified due date range
  • Day view collapses when "deselect all" is clicked below the technician listing
  • In scheduler, calendar unnecessarily refreshes when a new job is dropped into week view
  • In scheduler, dropping a job in day view places job at time mouse is, not where top edge of job box is
  • Dropdown selectors cannot handle typed input
  • Privacy policy is only visible to logged in users
  • Account manager cannot create company and location at the same time
  • Location geocodes can disappear
  • Dashboard daily schedule widget slow load time

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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