Job Description:

  • Add job description in addition to services (1 min video)

Feature Improvements:

  • Detailed job export that includes individual tech clock times (2 min video)
  • Global search searches for contacts (1 min video)
  • Detail location export includes next due date
  • Add/change subcontractor on a job after it is created
  • Attachments and deficiencies update dispatch board in real time
  • PDF thumbnails included on work acknowledgement
  • From name and address sent from ServiceTrade set to user's email address
  • Invoice amount displays on location job list
  • Cancelled services and appointments don't display on job list or location job list
  • Quote print view improved
  • Invoice export includes job number and job type
  • Quote amount displays on location and deficiency pages
  • Default time (8:00 AM) and duration (1 hr) when manually setting time for an appointment

Bugs Fixed:

  • Service opportunity report accessible by too many roles
  • 404 error when adding a job in scheduler
  • Deficiency details page quote buttons style problem in Firefox
  • Service line dropdown style bug on Firefox
  • Tablet: canceled appointments should not appear in the appointment list
  • Adding multiple services on job at the same time often fails
  • Link for deficiency asset name on location deficiency list does nothing
  • Can't void "Processed" invoices
  • EMU loosened when changing recurring service date to an earlier date
  • Location name "null" on dashboard tech location pins
  • Tech name is 'null' on dashboard pins
  • Quickbooks: "string could not be parsed as XML"
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