New Features:

Feature Improvements:

  • Job list sorting
  • Appointment update notifications sent to techs when jobs are released/unreleased
  • External integration IDs for users

Bugs Fixed:

  • Quickbooks improperly matches customers
  • Internet Explorer 10&11 visual bugs
  • Editing an invoice item's service line isn't saved
  • Dispatch board allows scheduling and assigning of subcontracted jobs
  • Can't add/edit clock events in Safari
  • Tall/multi-page images break thumbnails
  • Schedule pin floats above map; other pins and details pane items become undraggable
  • Work Acknowledgement PDF doesn't include visible deficiencies from location
  • Service Opportunity report service line icons for location are not updated when a service is delayed or canceled
  • Dispatch job bar covers event timeline
  • Grand total on invoice misaligned
  • Changing office causes scheduler to freeze
  • Technicians with scheduling abilities can see pins on the map for all technicians
  • Service w/ scheduled job has wrong date sometimes
  • External id widget data out of sync sometimes
  • I can access a customer location view of my office(s)
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