New Features:

Feature Improvements:

  • Notes and PO from ServiceTrade invoice sent to QuickBooks invoice memo and PO fields

Bugs Fixed:

  • New scheduled appointment ignored until refresh on job page
  • Invoice search form errors when a "Created On:" date is selected
  • Create account invalid form causes visual bug
  • View location page does not display long company and address names very well
  • Edit asset button alignment
  • Manage Jobs activity doesn't give permissions that a user should have
  • Comment visibility does not update on "Create Work Acknowledgement" page
  • Visual bug: warning display icon on incorrect blank paperwork
  • Don't submit blank paperwork upload form without a file
  • Work Acknowledgement PDF - signature block splits on page break
  • Logo on Work Acknowledgement does not work well on small screens
  • Deleted avatars not ignored when building job API response
  • Work Acknowledgement PDF splits deficiency detail block
  • Canceled services appear on job cover sheet
  • Contract create page crashes if too many vendor or customer companies in account
  • Work Acknowledgement not filling address info or logo
  • Completing job through web app without an appointment creates two completed appointments
  • Bulk job creator - deadlock
  • Scheduler: Jobs due next month don't have their appointments shown in agenda
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