New Features:

Feature Improvements:

  • Filter quote and deficiency list by office
  • Filter job list to jobs that are scheduled for which all appointments are marked complete

Bugs Fixed:

  • Deficiencies reported on a job do not appear in work acknowledgement for that job
  • Input box display bug in login as user modal, IE10/9
  • Invalid HTML (unclosed tags, etc) in Job Scheduler
  • Job items show up without job ids
  • IE10 edit quote page style bug
  • Default option in asset dropdown lists not correctly applied
  • WorkAck attachment on job is json file
  • Grant Activity button problems
  • Default contract doesn't appear in contract list
  • Company endpoint crashes if too many companies are in a given account
  • No primary contact information displays "null" on tablet
  • Frequencies not correctly displayed for recurring services in add job modals
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