New Features:

  • Disclaimer and warranty

Feature Improvements:

  • Default comment visibility set to "Only My Company" (30 sec video)
  • "Lib Item" is now just "Item"
  • API can now view/edit/add office assignment for service location
  • Separate permission to edit custom external ID

Bugs Fixed:

  • Invoiced Jobs in standalone account cannot be searched for by selecting invoiced in jobs list page
  • Default contract pricing does not work on quotes
  • Entering invalid date into job search form gives emu
  • "no data" error in web app when uploading invoice images through mobile app
  • Chrome: alignment of tech selection box vs rest of text/buttons in appointment add/edit on scheduler
  • Service line selector box size mismatched with other form elements on job, quote, quote template, quote request, deficiency lists
  • Quote request list does not show related proposal requests if there is rejected quote
  • Appointments created that are not associated with a job
  • Changing location on deficiency does not work
  • Company service lines not populated when switching/adding user company
  • Service Opportunity Report: right pane job info not always cleared out
  • Contract item drop down / scrolling - visual bug
  • External Id edit silently fails on duplicates
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