New Features:

  • External ID's for custom integration with other systems

Feature Improvements:

  • Add existing service to job
  • Speed improvements to service opportunity report
  • Additional standard date windows (Today, Tomorrow, This week, Next week, etc)
  • Import contract pricing
  • Limit service lines of quote items
  • Export tags

Bugs Fixed:

  • Print invoice broken
  • Dropdown spacing too large
  • Sign up form switches mailing and physical address
  • White screen on quote link when signed into another account
  • Quote and deficiency export does not include all records
  • Invoice preview does not handle identical name/different item code
  • Service line selector for create/edit location spacing too large
  • IE 9/10 scheduler "Add New Job" style broken
  • Scheduling an appointment on job page in IE 9/10 looks bad
  • Complete job modal "create a copy" service window not displayed correctly on IE9 or IE10
  • Location showing mapping error even when pin manually adjusted
  • Dropdown doesn't disappear when modal is closed
  • Unable to add contact for a location

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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