New Features:

  • Multiple techs per appointment

Feature Improvements:

  • Sort dashboard by column headings
  • Recurring service next due display improvements on location page
  • Quick add multiple appointments to job
  • Clock time columns on job list export
  • Job page improvements
  • CSV imports of services can be given a location or a location ID

Bugs Fixed:

  • Scheduler intermittently assigns incorrect tech
  • Shared locations do not have primary office set
  • Deficiency flag set on old mobile app reported duplicate deficiencies
  • Editing recurring service keeps "virtual" service which led to incorrect display of due dates
  • Unscheduled jobs for different office do not hide when deselected
  • As a subcontractor, some links do not work on quote list
  • Adding and removing second tech to an appointment make the entire job and appointment disappear in scheduler
  • Unassigned pin color in scheduler is pink instead of grey
  • Day view appointment blocks re-size unnecessarily
  • Counts on scheduler display (0) when they should display (-)
  • right tab layout in scheduler broken
  • Service opportunity list not displaying some services
  • Inherited price rules not properly applied to quotes
  • Import for recurring service frequency is case sensitive
  • QuickBooks queries default limit of 50 is too small
  • Dragging scheduled but unassigned pin from map to tech list through an error

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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