New Features:

  • Job tagging

Feature Improvements:

  • CSRF Protection - enhanced security
  • Print button on job always displays regardless of job status

Bugs Fixed:

  • "Attach Custom Paperwork" dialogue display issues in IE9 and IE10
  • Jobs shared with ServiceNet have clock in/out issues
  • Upload file dialogue display issues in Firefox, IE9, and IE10
  • Compose invoice page display issue in IE10
  • Job view and add appointment dialogue display issue in IE9 and IE10
  • Blue arrow "Continue" display issue in IE10
  • Input boxes on multiple page display issues in IE10
  • "Other" quote items display incorrect service line
  • Invoice item "Other" causes console error
  • Job paperwork shows tech as unassigned while tech actually assigned to the job
  • Service line adjusts for no reason while editing services on new jobs
  • Time zone incorrect on time in appointment change notification for non-eastern accounts

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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