New Features:

  • Build quotes from Deficiencies
  • Deficiency list
  • Quote list
  • Quote templates

Feature Improvements:

  • Scheduler can toggle between offices
  • Editing a recurring service does not delete service history
  • Invoice list search improvements
  • Daily widget on dashboard show's service completeness
  • Microsoft Office and Open Office file types can be uploaded to jobs/locations/companies

Bugs Fixed:

  • 300+ assets causes location page to not load
  • Appointment status display incorrectly
  • ServiceTrade logo displays incorrectly in Internet Explorer
  • Scheduler does not load with 0 techs
  • Dragging map pins to unassigned pin on left side freezes scheduler
  • Monthly recurring services due windows set incorrectly based on the length of the first service month
  • User page display errors in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Day view displays incorrectly in Internet Explorer
  • Locations without service line assignment do not display for any role except Admin
  • Day view allows completed appointment to be moved
  • Complete job modal display errors in Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Cannot collapse service details on job view page
  • Scheduler does not load service line icon correctly
  • Loading spinner does not go away in scheduler in Internet Explorer 8
  • Service line and job type do not display in scheduler
  • double scroll bars in Chrome and OSX in scheduler

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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