New Features:

  • Add and import item codes

Feature Improvements:

  • Include offices on location import
  • API updated to support mobile updates
  • Service Opportunity report architecture updated to support mass delay/cancel (not fully implemented yet)
  • Tech role automatically assigned when user is marked as tech

Bugs Fixed:

  • Unable to select technician in service opportunity report when creating job
  • Too many companies prevents location edit page from loading
  • Create deficiency page displays incorrectly in IE and Firefox
  • Job list scheduled on date search returns incorrect results
  • Can create but not edit invoices for subcontracted work
  • Non-admin users cannot view tags
  • Tech assignment does not save when creating multiple appointments
  • Incorrect customer company assigned for job that is shared
  • Cannot view certain PDFs in chrome
  • Cannot export large lists
  • Incorrect asset count on merge location page
  • Combination rule in contracts display "Null" name
  • Imports fail with blank columns at end of row
  • Unassigned jobs do not display properly in the daily schedule widget on dashboard if tech count <2
  • "Alarm Systems" service line does not appear in scheduler search/filter
  • Visual bug in service opportunity report caused by recurrence badge

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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