New Features:

  • Location tagging
  • Office assignment of locations

Feature Improvements:

  • CSV import handles larger lists
  • Search location list by phone number and address
  • Scheduler displays loading information
  • Hover over tech avatar and service line icon displays details
  • comments on paperwork display commenter and date
  • Service opportunity display on location page improved
  • Recurring service opportunities are more obvious in service opportunity report

Bugs Fixed:

  • Multiple reports on deficiencies that are shared between accounts
  • Blank lines when selecting an asset while creating a deficiency
  • Manager role cannot edit shared locations
  • Manual location geocoding does not set an address source
  • Job history does not include event for removing tech from job
  • Firefox display bug when viewing contacts
  • Tech assignment box does not autocomplete on first appointment for job
  • Service descriptions overlap on job page in Chrome
  • Scheduler bug when switching from day to week view
  • Next month's job do not display in service opportunity report

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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