New Features:

  • QuickBook integration (1st pass)
  • Set up blank paperwork

Feature Improvements:

  • Filter job list by service line
  • View job history on job page
  • Convert one time services to recurring services
  • Toggle scheduled vs due jobs in scheduler

Bugs Fixed:

  • Clicking reset on the service opportunity report does not clear the checkbox
  • Service opportunity report does not update correctly when toggling between different time periods when locations are selected
  • Service Opportunity report could not handle more than 13 services on a location
  • Cannot edit service due windows to certain date values
  • Bulk job creator does not show overdue jobs in this month when overdue is selected
  • Daily schedule widget shows jobs for wrong day depending on your time zone
  • Service imports disregards whether or not a location is active
  • Daily schedule widget displays inactive users
  • inconsistent geocode results for specific location
  • Service opportunity report returns locations due in both this month and next month despite search criteria
  • Invoice tab not aligned with invoice job box
  • "Unscheduled" overflows from box on job page depending on resolution of monitor
  • Cancel job button does not warn the user properly that a reason for cancellation is required
  • Special characters break imports

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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