New Features:

  • Bulk import recurring services
  • Fix mapping for locations that could not be automatically mapped by address
  • Print assets on job cover sheet
  • QuickBooks set up pages (Not in production yet)

Feature Improvements:

  • Increased mobile app and map scheduler load time
  • Edit recurring services
  • Mark unscheduled job as complete without scheduling

Bugs Fixed:

  • Reassigning subcontracted job did not cancel job for previous assignee
  • Job export did not include all fields displayed
  • Inactive users could log in
  • Inactive account could log in
  • Subcontracted jobs would not update location address correctly
  • location importer created blank comments
  • All scheduling notes were not showing up in scheduler
  • Recurring service visualizer broken on location page
  • Scheduler appointment blocks did not display correctly
  • Can't view invoice for shared company
  • Subcontracted repair jobs did not have correct due dates
  • Job list page shows incorrect number of results
  • Too many assets on location page caused page load error
  • Scheduler duplicated tech names
  • Emu on import pages
  • Recurrence window sometime set incorrectly
  • Select all box on service opportunity list is visually broken
  • Scheduler visual issues
  • Service opportunity list service line search did not work correctly
  • Service opportunity list overdue search returns wrong results
  • Non-tech users could be assigned to jobs
  • Special characters broke import tools
  • Service opportunity list displays incorrect results depending on time zone
  • Daily schedule widget showed inactive users
  • Service imports did not check for inactive locations
  • Daily schedule widget did not handle time zones correctly

To watch the release review webinar, click the link below:

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