Feature Improvements:

  • As an addendum to the recently added feature: "Default Set Item Taxability", individual invoice items' taxable status will be sent to QuickBooks. Essentially, QuickBooks will receive 'flags' from ServiceTrade that indicate whether individual items should have tax applied, or not.
  • Available only on QuickBooks Online (currently US users only)
  • Actual tax rates applied to items are still determined by QuickBooks
  • "Owner" is now a selectable Location contact type
  • In the scheduling page, the "Add a job" button & "Show pins" button are now more easily accessible (in the top-right corner)
  • Vendor offices can now have email addresses associated with them

Edit Location page now has the option to "Select all service lines" (SEE BELOW)

Locations now searchable by service line (SEE BELOW)

Locations search page:

Location page:

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