New Features:

  • Job item export

Feature Improvement:

  • Invoice tagging
  • QuickBooks Online integration updated to enhance statement creation
  • QuickBooks Desktop integration updated to populate "Company" field in QuickBooks
  • Location and Company external ID's included in exports

Bugs Fixed:

  • Can't edit or close edit popup for service associated with quote
  • Changing job's customer in unnecessarily shares customer to subcontractor's account
  • Duplicate jobs created on press of "Copy Job" button
  • Tech scorecard count for "Missed" is wrong
  • Work Acknowledgement email always sends original pdf
  • IE style bug - vertical spacing is off on tags entry input
  • Disabled "Invoice Job" button on job page links to white screen
  • Dispatch "add job" board fails on invalid email
  • Visual display bug on admin user page
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