Feature Improvements:

  • Sales tax recommendation based on zip code (1 min video)
  • Quote improvements (3 min video):
  • Terms and conditions
  • Text in email to customer updated
  • Print layout improved
  • Tablet blank paperwork does not include job cover sheet

Bugs Fixed:

  • Quote "other" items with same display output are not handled correctly in invoicing
  • Visual bugs on various versions of the customer-facing quote
  • Placeholder appointment automatically generated when subbed job is scheduled
  • Users can use URL to access Dispatch board when they shouldn't
  • Uploading more than one blank paperwork pdf at a time causes an error
  • Placeholder appointment automatically generated when adding new service
  • Work acknowledgement email does not send occasionally
  • Work acknowledgement final page not showing customer name or email
  • Long month names displayed but don't always quite fit inside their calendar pages in service opportunity report
  • Empty invoice creates layout problems in create work acknowledgement page
  • Price edit consistency on edit invoice in tablet app
  • Dispatch edit job description gear icon leaves pixels on the page
  • Z-index issue on for clock event timeline on dispatch board
  • Dispatch board will not allow appointment duration of 0.25 hours
  • Recent clock events break on smaller screen
  • Deficiency not showing associated quote
  • Jobs with unassigned appts. not showing as pins on map in some cases
  • "Add Location" button missing from Locations accordion on Company for Managers
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