Overlapping Appointments on Dispatch Board

In the past, it was difficult to tell when a technician had several appointments that overlapped each other -- particularly if the appointments were exactly the same size, or if a shorter appointment was hidden "behind" a longer one.

With today's release, the dispatch board now highlights overlapping appointments with an orange glow:

Appointments that are assigned to multiple technicians will be highlighted if ANY of the technicians has an overlap with another appointment.

Attach Files to Service Contracts

You can now attach files to your contracts.  Some possible use cases include:  attaching a scanned version of a printed contract (or a digitally signed PDF copy), attaching a list of locations and/or equipment covered by the contract, or attaching additional legal terms or other supporting documentation.

Important:  Contract attachments are available only on our new contract management page.

Manage and Assign Job Contracts in the Field

It is now possible for field technicians with appropriate permissions to choose an applicable contract when creating new jobs in the field:

Technicians with appropriate permissions can also change the contract assignments for existing jobs:

Important:  Only technicians that have been granted the 'Manage Jobs' or 'Admin Jobs' activities can create new jobs, and change the contract on existing jobs.

Job Item List Search By Job Office

The job item list can now be filtered to show only job items for jobs associated with a selected office.  Some example use cases:  retrieving all parts items used by a particular office to make reordering parts for the warehouse easy, or retrieving all labor items for a particular office to support creating timecards.

API Improvements

  • History API supports retrieving history for invoices
  • History API supports retrieving history for service contracts
  • Job item API supports searching by job office
  • Message API includes total, success, failure, bounce, and complaint counts for messages sent in bulk
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