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Q: Who can assign a salesperson on a deficiency?
A: At the moment, anyone with the correct permissions can edit the salesperson on a deficiency in the web application. 

Q: Do Salespeople receive a notification when a quote is assigned to them?
A: Yes, as long as their notification settings are set up correctly. 

Q: Will you be adding the salesperson to the location, company or service opportunities pages?
A: Not exactly. Instead, we will use a salesperson's assignment to contracts to automatically associate that salesperson to work at a location/customer. 

Q: Can you have more than one salesperson?
A: No, this is limited to just one at the moment. 

Q: If used for commission purposes, how can this be tracked or what needs to be done?
A: The invoice, invoice details, and job exports all include the job salesperson. Exporting the desired information and creating a pivot table where each row represents a salesperson and a column sums the invoice total associated with that salesperson will tell you how much was billed on behalf of each sales rep.

Q: Could there be a way that the parts and labor be sorted by date?
A: Job and invoices items can be sorted into any order using the hamburger (3 stacked horizontal lines) found on the left side of each line item in the web application. 

Q: When sending quote notifications in bulk, will those notifications just go to the corresponding contacts at each location?
A: Yes, that is correct. 

Q: Will this feature be set up to be able to send to certain contacts instead of all available?
A: In the future, yes. We intend to add notifications preference on contacts that let you specify whether or not the contact should receive quotes (and service links). 

Q: When will we be able to select a specific email recipient on bulk quotes?
A: We do not plan to add this feature. See the question above for our plans to improve this feature. 

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