This version of the ServiceTrade Mobile App adds the ability to pick multiple photos from your device's photo library to be added to a Job. There are also a number of bug fixes included with this release.

New multipicker for Photo Gallery in iOS, replaces single file selector

File names of files uploaded through sharing extension are preserved

Bugfix: Unscheduled appointments aren't completed on clock out when offline

Bugfix: Viewing a separate appointment for the same job while clocked in shows wrong clocked-in state and may lead to double clock-ins.

Bugfix: Attachment uploads via sharing extension work while offline

Bugfix: Files saved to device for upload should be purged after upload

Bugfix: Some formatting characters, e.g emojis, bullets, special characters are not rendered correctly on iOS 10

Bugfix: High CPU usage when clocked into a job

Bugfix: Canceled services are included in an appointment's Services tile count

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