Assign Service Contracts through Service Opportunities

When creating jobs in bulk with ServiceTrade's Service Opportunities feature, you can now control whether a service contract is assigned to each job with the 'Automatically assign contracts to jobs' selection.

If this box is checked, newly created jobs will be assigned a service contract if and only if there is exactly one contract that could apply to that job.  Otherwise, the job will have no contract assigned; you can select the correct contract later in the job's lifecycle.

If this box is unchecked, no newly created jobs will have service contracts assigned to them.  You will need to manually assign a contract to each job before invoicing that job.

Service Contract Tagging

It is now possible to assign tags to your service contracts, and search the contract list for all contracts with a particular tag assigned to them.

Customer Search by Office

The customer company list can now be searched by office assignment.   When you search for customers by office, any customer that has at least one location (regardless of status) assigned to the given location will be found.

For instance, if a customer company owns a location that is assigned to Office A and another location that is assigned to Office B, then that company will appear when you search the customer company list for either Office A or Office B.

Other Changes

  • It is no longer possible to completely delete a contact from the company, location, or job pages.  To deactivate a contact and remove it from all locations and companies from which it is assigned, go to that contact record page and click the red 'Deactivate' button.
  • Bugfix:  End-customers could not approve quotes when viewing the customer quote view page on some iOS devices.
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