Salesperson Notifications

Sales users can now subscribe to notifications whenever they are assigned as a salesperson on any job, quote, or deficiency.  To enable these notifications, go to your user profile by clicking on your avatar and choosing 'My Profile':

Then select the desired salesperson notification options:

Salesperson Accounting Integrations

ServiceTrade's Sage Intacct and QuickBooks Desktop integrations now support job salesperson.

Sage Intacct

The ServiceTrade job salesperson can now be used when assigning the Employee dimension to each invoice or sales order item:

If the Project dimension is enabled, the ServiceTrade job salesperson can also be used when assigning the Project Manager:

Please see the Sage Intacct sync settings documentation for more details about using the Employee dimension in Sage Intacct.

QuickBooks Desktop

The ServiceTrade job salesperson can be used when assigning the invoice rep:

Please see the QuickBooks sync settings documentation for more details about using the Rep field in QuickBooks.

Service Contract Assignment on Job and Quote Creation

Service contracts can now be assigned when creating quotes in the following office web application contexts:

  • Creating a quote from a deficiency page
  • Creating a quote from a location page
  • Creating a quote from an asset page

Service contracts can also be selected when creating a new job from the Dispatch Board:

Easily Create Service Contracts for Locations

You can now easily add a service contract for an individual location, either when initially creating the location or anytime afterwards.

To create a contract for a new location that you are adding, select the 'Create Contract' checkbox...

...then select the parent contract from which you want to inherit pricing and other contract rules:

When you save the newly created location, the contract will be created as well.

To add a new contract for an existing location, open the Contracts section of the location page and click 'Add Contract':

Job Item Source Recommendations

The job item source feature now recommends the sources that are most likely to be correct for your use.

Warehouse Source

When adding items from a warehouse, warehouses assigned to your office are suggested:

Technician Source

When adding labor or other items with a technician source, technicians assigned to this job are suggested:

Sort/Filter Dispatch Board Available Jobs

In the Available Jobs section of the dispatch board, you can now add a column containing 'All Jobs' to your set of available job columns.  You can use this column to construct a custom filtered list:

It is now also possible to change the sort order of the contents of any available job column by clicking the sort icon at the top of each column.  You can choose between:

  • Location name - alphabetical order
  • Job type priority - highest priority jobs at the top
  • Job due date - most overdue (earliest due date window end) at the top

For priority and due date sorts, the job creation date is used as a second-level sort (jobs created earlier will be closer to the top).

New Job Types

This release includes two new types of jobs:

  • Consultation
  • Planned Maintenance

To adjust the job types that are enabled in your account, click on your user avatar in the upper-right corner of the screen and choose 'Account Settings', then select your desired job types in the 'Job Types' section.

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