Advanced Contract Assignment with Service Opportunities

Recently we added the ability to automatically assign contracts when you create jobs.  In combination with the ability to assign contracts to services, it is now possible to create jobs through Service Opportunities that are assigned to the correct contract based on the services that you select.

When you create jobs with the Service Opportunities tool, you should check 'Automatically assign contracts to jobs'.  The services that you select for each location will then be used to determine which contract to assign to the job that will be created for that location.

IMPORTANT:  If you create a job for several services that have different contracts, the resulting job will not have a contract assignment, because it's not clear which contract should have been used.

List Improvements

Two list searches were improved in this release:

  • Search job list by contract.  It's now possible to search for jobs associated with a given contract.  By selecting the special 'No Contract' search option, you can find all jobs that have no contract assignment (for example, the jobs created for services that have different contracts, as mentioned above).
  • Search appointment list for unassigned appointments.  By using the special 'Unassigned' option in the technician search field, you can now search for appointments (scheduled or unscheduled) that are not currently assigned to any technicians.

Improved Job Completion Workflow

The job completion workflow has been streamlined to improve the time required to complete and invoice a job.

When completing a job, you can now choose 'Complete Job and Create Invoice' to jump directly to creating an invoice for the job that you have finished reviewing.

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